Haikey Creek Flood Prevention

Allocation: $12,200,000.00

Summary Update:

100_6011Roadway re-surfacing at 141st & Mingo as well as finish grading and sodding for all the project’s bridge locations are complete. Final storm sewer inlet placement and piping has been completed. All construction operations are complete.



This project includes the design and construction of two projects: a relief channel and west-bank levee project, and a diversion channel and floodplain relief channel. These projects, located between 131st and 141st and between Mingo and 129th East Avenue, are intended to reduce flooding and increase public safety, eliminate the need for onsite water detention storage facilities, use flood reduction measures that also improve wildlife habitat and aesthetics, and create a 100-year storm water management system along the Mingo Road corridor.


Construction: Manhattan Road & Bridge