The Tulsa Board of County Commissioners invites you to follow the development of Vision 2025 projects as they move from planning, through construction, to opening in service to the people of Tulsa County. Many different organizations, both public and private, are working in close cooperation to accomplish common goals in this effort, the largest public improvement program ever approved in Tulsa County.

This site is established as a dynamic location for detailed information to reach all who wish to follow Vision 2025. The site will change and grow as the projects progress and will not truly be “finished” until every project is completed.

Tulsa County Government has maintained the trust and earned the loyalty of the citizenry by conducting public business in the open. Tulsa County officials honor public confidence by striving daily to make the best decisions for the greatest public good.

This site is managed by Program Management Group, LLC (PMg) for Tulsa County in the reporting of Vision 2025 projects. Specifically commissioned by the Board of County Commissioners to facilitate public information of all the projects in development, this website grows as information becomes available. If you have comments or suggestions about this presentation or if you are searching for specific information not yet posted, please use the contact form below and we will respond to individual requests, or you may contact the Program Management Group offices at (918) 582-7595.