BA Creative Arts Center


Allocation: $2,600,000.00

The Creative Arts Center in the Rose District is intended to be a gathering place for local artists and the general public. The Advisory Committee agrees that the project should be approached in two phases.

It is anticipated for Phase One to include a gallery exhibit hall, gift shop, film and sound studio, catering kitchen, and workshop areas and classrooms for ceramic, sculpting and other arts.  Phase One will also house offices for the city’s Center for Visitors Bureau.  Phase Two is expected to include a large event space and additional project classrooms.

The project was named the Brown-Kimbrough Center in 2020. Vision 2025 funding is allocated toward design work and a portion of construction.  Additional funds for construction will be provided by a combination of municipal funds.

Construction began in December 2020, and the project was completed in spring of 2022.

Architect: Selser Schaefer Architects

Construction: Manhattan Construction