What is Vision 2025?

On September 9, 2003, years of hard work came to fruition as voters of Tulsa County approved a one-penny, 13-year increase in the Tulsa County Sales Tax for regional economic development and capital improvements. The package called “Vision 2025: Foresight 4 Greater Tulsa” was the culmination of a long and arduous effort to grow economic and community infrastructure for future generations. Empowered by citizens, Tulsa County’s Board of County Commissioners is now actively engaged in the execution of Vision 2025 projects. This site is designed to keep the public informed of progress in that effort. You are invited to check here often as each project moves forward and we work together to build a better community.

Project Listings by Sponsor

Vision 2025 Financial Information

Sales tax collections for Vision 2025 are complete. In the months of October, November and December 2023, approximately $137,000 in project payments were processed for approximately $646 million in project payments total to-date.