Morton Health Center


Allocation: $14,000,000.00

Summary Update:

The Clinic construction was complete in September 2006. Motor Pool Facility construction was completed in December 2008. Contract closeout has been completed for this phase. The final phase, entrance canopies and office enhancements, was completed July 2013.


Morton Health Center provided quality care in the same building on East Pine in Tulsa for over 71 years. Vision 2025 funds were used to construct a 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art medical center to treat patients with or without health insurance. The new clinic expands and provides additional medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, lab, x-ray, optometry, podiatry, health careers, patient education, and WIC services. The clinic also provides after-hours care to all in need, reducing the gridlock in emergency rooms. Practical experience is being provided to allied health professionals from area universities and technical colleges.

The new health center and training facility represents a $14 million infrastructure investment in North Tulsa. Since 2000, Morton’s staff of 78 has increased to 110 and a $4.7 million payroll. Over the next 15 years, the community will benefit from new jobs created and the ability to almost double the number of patient visits. A healthier community translates into a healthier economy, and reduced costs and financial losses to local hospitals by curtailing the volume of non-urgent emergency room visits by uninsured patients.

Morton Comprehensive Health Clinic
Morton Motor Pool Facility