County Commission District #3

Allocation: $6,533,500.00

Project Description:

Vision 2025 funds were provided for three District #3 community projects: Haikey Creek Park, LaFortune Park, and Bixby Community Center.

Additional playground equipment was added, and the existing restroom facility will be replaced at Haikey Creek Park, 11301 S. Garnett.

Funds are provided to renovate the existing Par 3 golf course at LaFortune Park located at the southeast corner of 51st & Yale; construct three new picnic shelters in the picnic area of the park, at about 5700 S. Yale; develop and construct facilities identified in the existing master plan for the property known as the “Gardens of LaFortune” at 51st and Hudson; and construct a recreational facility to include new tennis courts at the existing tennis center location at about 5300 S. Hudson.

The other project building, Bixby Community Center, provides many services to the Bixby area. Formerly a grocery store in Downtown Bixby, the Center went through extensive remodeling. In a second phase of improvements funded by Vision 2025, a new roof and HVAC system have updated the facility

Sub Projects:


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