LaFortune Tennis Center


Project Description:

Tulsa County stands behind this project and has pledged $1.2 million from Vision 2025 toward the funding of these improvements. Specifically, Vision 2025 funds will construct nine of the 12 new tennis courts. The project funding includes provisions for lighting, fencing and netting for the nine new courts.

Summary Update:

The Phase I nine new courts were completed in March 2009. The construction for phase II was complete in September 2010. Phases III and IV are funded partially with Vision 2025 funds, and consist of three new indoor and three outdoor tennis courts, and replacement of the pro shop.  The Grand Opening of the pro shop and newest courts was held September 28, 2015. This overall project is split into three phases intended to renovate and expand the facility to 24 lighted tournament courts.


Nationally, tennis is the only traditional sport to grow in the past five years. Tulsa tennis is no exception. Over the past six years, court usage is up 76% and LaFortune Tennis Center can no longer accommodate the community demand. A citizen driven campaign called Operation Facelift was established to raise money to update the LaFortune Tennis Center. The planned improvements include: 12 new tennis courts; renovations of the 12 existing courts; installation of wind screens on all courts; on-court shade and shaded spectator bleachers; renovation and construction of a tennis clubhouse including roof top observatory, lockers and a pro shop. These renovations will make an economic impact, but the changes will also affect the individual. This state-of-the-art facility will meet the tennis needs of the community by housing youth tennis programs, low-cost recreational tennis, tennis fitness programs, competitive tennis leagues, one-site tournaments and spectator events.

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