Meadow Gold Sign


Project Description:

Refurbishing and installation of the iconic Meadow Gold neon sign upon a specially designed pavilion at the southwest corner of 11th Street and Quaker Avenue was completed in May 2009.  Clocks were added with surplus Vision 2025 funds in 2016.

The sign was in danger of being lost to the landfill. Tulsa Foundation for Architecture and the Oklahoma Route 66 Association led the effort to rescue the 1930’s-era sign with its two 20′ x 40′ panels. In addition to Vision 2025 funds, the project received private donations and a grant from the National Parks Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program. Markham Ferrell donated land for the new site at the southwest corner of 11th Street and Quaker Avenue. A public dedication was held on May 22, 2009.

Clocks were added to each panel in 2016 as part of the Pearl District Preservation project. Plaques at the site explain the historical significance of the sign to Meadow Gold, advertising, and Indian Territory.

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