Midland Valley Downtown Trail Extension

Allocation: $1,000,000.00

Summary Update:

This project was completed in January 2009.


Vision 2025 funds were used to construct a multi-use trail that connected the end of an existing trail to the beginning of another to make a continuous road for bikes and pedestrians. The completed length of uninterrupted path spans the Aquarium Trail in Jenks, north through multiple trails, to the end of the Osage Prairie Trail in Skiatook.

The Vision 2025 portion provided the previously missing stretch that links the Midland Valley Trail at 15th Street to the 4th Street /Archer bike route. This new Midland Valley Downtown Trail Extension winds through several Downtown parks and neighborhoods. Pedestrians and cyclists can now travel between multiple parks, campuses and roadways along the comprehensive routes.

This trail serves as part of a revitalization strategy to enhance and improve the connections between Downtown Tulsa and adjacent neighborhoods. The trail serves as a transportation route and highly marketable amenity, making Tulsa a more walkable, bicycle-friendly community for residents and visitors. This project also further develops and improves the existing recreational opportunities available to residents, and encourages healthy, active lifestyles.

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Public Works Project Manager: Paul Zachary / Heath Forbes

Design Advisory Committee: Rich Brierre, Indian Nations Council of

Landscape Architect: LandPlan Consultants, Inc.

Construction: Keystone Services, Inc.