Mohawk Park


Allocation: $6,400,000.00

Summary Update:

The Oxley Nature Center Building exterior renovations were completed in December 2006. The Center’s interior refurbishing was completed February 2009. The North Tulsa Sports Complex was completed in November 2012.


Mohawk Park encompasses several of Tulsa’s most popular public attractions, including the Tulsa Zoo and multiple sports venues. Vision 2025 funds were allocated to refurbish the Oxley Nature Center, part of the Tulsa Zoo, and to purchase 347.9 acres for a sports complex. The tournament soccer complex was constructed with Vision 2025 funds, and integrated with the park in open spaces to preserve the existing wooded areas. The City of Tulsa provided funds through sales tax and donors for construction of the adjacent skateboard park.

These improved facilities allow more people to utilize Mohawk Park, and are expected to add $2.1 million to the economy each year. Improvements to the park both enhance the quality of life for area residents and serve as a tourist attraction for area visitors.

North Tulsa Sports Complex
Oxley Nature Center