NSU-Broken Arrow


Allocation: $26,000,000.00

Summary Update:

All buildings (Classroom, Science, Library and Administrative Expansion) are now complete and are being utilized by faculty and students.

The Classroom Building was completed in July 2006. The Science Building was completed in December 2006. The Library Building was completed in March 2007 and the Administration Building Expansion was completed in May 2007.


Through the generosity and support of the Broken Arrow community, Northeastern State University-Broken Arrow opened its doors in August 2001 with three buildings and the promise to provide quality educational opportunities to the citizens of the Greater Tulsa Metropolitan Area.

The Vision 2025 package approved by voters in September 2003 provided for a $26 million package to complete Phase II construction on the campus, which includes science, library and classroom buildings. The expanded campus is able to accommodate 8,000 students annually, providing for increased economic growth for the Tulsa metropolitan area through a well-educated workforce. This talented workforce, in turn, will provide incentive for new employers to establish businesses in the region.

The new NSU-BA facilities provide residents of the Tulsa area access to many of the 80 highly respected degree programs that have become synonymous with NSU throughout its nearly 100-year history.

Heating and cooling a facility as large as NSU-BA is an important part of building and operation costs. The architects and engineers explored every option with Northeastern officials, opting for a unique geothermal system which uses approximately half the operating energy required to heat and cool campus buildings when compared with traditional systems.

The system utilizes water source heat pumps either to dissipate heat into the earth for summer cooling or to pull heat from the earth for winter heating. The closed loop system stretches 290,000 feet, or 55 miles, and uses a series of wells 300 feet deep as a heat transfer medium.

In addition to cost efficiency, the system is exceptionally quiet with no cooling towers, boilers or condensers. Equipment for the system is located within the peaked roof of each building and the well fields are under the parking lots.

The campus is located at 3100 East New Orleans, Broken Arrow.