Owasso Community Center


Allocation: $1,000,000.00

Summary Update:

The Community Build Park and the original HVAC work in the Community Center are complete. The Veterans Memorial is complete. The YMCA opened on June 9, 2006. Projects completed in 2015 included parking lot, restroom and entrance improvements.


The Owasso Community Center project of the Vision 2025 propositions was actually four projects, including new roof-top HVAC units for the existing Community Center, construction of a Community Build Park, acquisition of land for a Veteran’s Memorial, and participation in the construction of a new recreational facility by the YMCA.

The YMCA is a $5 million project constructed on land owned by the City of Owasso, and $1.5 million of the required funding came from Vision 2025 dollars and Owasso sales tax dollars. The balance was financed by the YMCA through private sources.

Owasso “Community Build” Park
Owasso Community Center
Owasso YMCA
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