Allocation: $ 1,143,463.90

Project Description:




The Burial and Relocation of Overhead Utilities Project was completed in January 2007. Construction on the Vision 2025 portion of the Main Street Streetscape Enhancement Project, which included streetscaping, and installation of ornamental lighting and signs along Main Street between East 76th Street North and 3rd Street North, was completed in October 2008.


The Rayola Park Improvements Project was completed in the Summer of 2011. Low-water dams have been constructed in the creek, and a paved trail now parallels both sides of the creek where it passes through the park. Project is complete, December 2011.

Design:                                                                                                                                    Cobb Engineering – Main Street;   City of Owasso Engineering Dept. – Neighborhoods

Construction: Crossland Heavy Construction – Downtown; ┬áTri-Star Construction – Neighborhoods

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