QuikTrip Center Roof


Project Description:

This project was completed in September 2005.


The roof of the Expo Center had reached its useful life and was replaced. The previous roof was installed in the 1970s and received significant hail damage during a storm. Roof replacement entailed the removal of existing membrane and insulation. A new rigid insulation board was attached to the ”roof deck”, and a new single-ply roof membrane was installed.

The monitor along the ridge of the roof was modified to enhance ventilation within the building, particularly during motorized events such as the annual Chili Bowl. Dampers and louvers were installed along the north and south faces of the monitor and perimeter walls. The intent is to enhance natural ventilation to bring fresh air into the building, and to exhaust the noxious fumes out at the monitor level. There are fans present in the monitor now, and may be utilized as specific events require, to assist in evacuating noxious fumes from the building.

Matrix Architects Engineers Planners, Inc.

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