Route 66 Master Plan

An Introduction:

Keeping the Spirit of Route 66 Alive

The Chasm

Route 66 enthusiasts and Baby Boomers alike share fond memories of the road and recognize its place in our American heritage. But anyone younger than 40 sees this beloved highway as an old, slow, worn-out piece of technology. They have had no direct contact with the Mother Road. They have grown up on the Information Superhighway and have no interest in slowing down and smelling the flowers. They are New junkies. And unless we feed that addiction they will drive right by us, tuned-in to their electronic world.

Bridging the Chasm

No other city anywhere in the world has the Route 66 assets we have. We have the Father of Route 66. We have more than 20 miles and 80 years of Route 66 history. And we have The Bridge over the Arkansas that linked the development of the East with the horizons of the West. The art deco span that connected a continent. No other city has the chance to do what we can do: protect the old road we cherish so much by giving younger generations their own experiences on Tulsa’s Route 66, by bridging the future and the past. Our recommendations are specifically designed to do just that. Click on all three of the links below to download the entire Master Plan.

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