Sand Springs Keystone Corridor Redevelopment


Allocation: $14,500,000.00

Summary Update:

All project funds have been expended. The remainder of improvements to the Keystone Corridor site will be completed by the City and developer.

Redevelopment began with Vision 2025’s purchase of the old Early Childhood Center on the corner of the 30-acre site in 2007. The school district was then able to direct these funds ($3.5 million) to help purchase the new 8-acre campus at 81st West Avenue and Park Road. The City of Sand Springs’ website gives a synopsis of the collaborative effort: “The ECC represents a three-year planning effort involving Sand Springs Schools, the City of Sand Springs, Community Action Project for Tulsa County, Tulsa County Vision 2025, the Sand Springs Home, American Heritage Bank, and other state and local entities. Half of the facility’s cost will be funded by a $6 million grant from the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

Development of the Keystone Corridor will continue with Sand Springs’ marketing of the 30 acres, newly named “River West Development”. Initially a home-improvement store was announced as the primary anchor tenant, but halted construction plans because of the economic downturn. The first to build was IHOP Restaurant, and the O’Reilly Auto Parts store has been relocated within the shopping center to make room for a central boulevard.



Sand Springs Keystone Corridor Redevelopment