Sand Springs

Allocation: $ 969,396.51

Project Description:


Develop Design Standards/Boundaries – Historic Downtown District
Whitaker Architects, Inc. in September 2006 completed work under contract with the City to identify the boundaries for preservation and conservation of the Old Towne District, and to develop design standards for public and private improvements in the historic downtown district.
Funding: Architectural Fees $16,840 from Vision 2025

Façade Improvements (Public Match w/Private Funding)
The City developed a program for using public funds to match private funds in historic building façade improvement projects in the Old Towne District. The Station House Restaurant Building at McKinley and Broadway, Hooper Building at 116-118 W. 2nd Street, and Crescent Lofts Building Façade Improvements were all completed in April 2007.  Funding: $50,000 from Vision 2025, and a minimum of $50,000 in private investments.

Enhanced Street Lighting Downtown
Street Lighting in the Central Business District is owned by AEP-PSO, and upgrading to install more decorative fixtures and mounting arms is the goal and responsibility of the City. The project improvements are consistent with the standards developed for the preservation of the historic downtown district. By saving and reusing the existing poles, the historic significance of the poles is being preserved, and the cost of the project was reduced substantially. This project was completed in April 2007.
Funding: $102,028 from Vision 2025.

Triangle Repairs/Improvements
The design of streetscape improvements was paid for using Vision 2025 Funds in the amount of $26,861. Funding to construct street and right-of-way improvements was approved in the City’s 2005 General Obligation Bond Issue. The improvements include removal of existing asphalt paving on the south leg of the triangle and replacing it with stamped, colored concrete; installation of brick paver sidewalks on all three sides of the triangle; construction of new planters; installation of new lighting and bollards; and cold-milling and an asphalt overlay of Main Street and Broadway surrounding the triangle area. This project was completed in February 2007.
Funding: Vision 2025 $26,861;City Bond Issue $310,000; Other City Funds $85,267 Craig & Keithline Engineers


Architectural & Project Management Services & Bidding Services
LandPlan Consultants, Inc. designed the Streetscape Enhancements Project. They were contracted for bidding and construction phase and administrative services, as well.
Project Funding: $38,000 from Vision 2025

Expressway Fencing
Project provided vinyl fence segments to replace existing chain-link fencing along the expressway right-of-way that has become overgrown with vegetation and/or been damaged by vehicles. City crews are removing the trees, brush and damaged fence materials in preparation for installation of vinyl fence. This project was completed in May 2007.
Project Funding: Estimated $35,000 from Vision 2025

Replace Sidewalk
Project extends the sidewalk from the Central Business District toward Charles Page High School to provide safer access for pedestrians. Geometric changes to the intersection of Broadway Court, installation of drainage improvements, and construction of a retaining wall were also included as part of the project. This project was completed in February 2007.
Project Funding: $218,000 from Vision 2025; $15,604 City (Engineering & Legal Notice Publications) Paragon Contractors

Special Planting of Trees at Lincoln On-Ramp
This project provided approximately 20 trees in conjunction with the Lincoln On-Ramp Sign Wall feature. This project was completed in March 2007.
Project Funding: Estimated $7,000 from Vision 2025

Redbud Tree Community Project
This project (called Sand Springs Redbud Renaissance) was a cooperative effort between the City of Sand Springs and the Sand Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. Plantings by Up With Trees were cosponsored at every suitable location along highway corridors and at some of the major street intersections in the City. This project was completed in April 2007.
Project Funding: $37,000 from Vision 2025; Chamber – Local Match $25,000 Up With Trees

Internally Lighted Street Identification Signs – Major Intersections
This project provided internally lighted street identification signs at all signalized intersections in the City that did not already have internally lighted signs. This project was completed in November 2006.
Project Funding: $81,000 from Vision 2025 Midstate Traffic Control, Inc.


Neighborhood Sidewalks and Trail Connections
Pratt/Boyd/6th Grade Center
Project involved the installation of several “in-fill” segments of concrete sidewalks to provide continuity of sidewalks near the school complex to allow safer pedestrian access. This project was completed in October 2005.
Project Funding: $17,425 from Vision 2025

Limestone Elem – Civitan Park
Project involved the installation of concrete sidewalks near Limestone Elementary School, providing safer access linking the school to 41st Street and Civitan Park. This project was completed in January 2006.
Project Funding: $33,565 from Vision 2025


Picnic Pavilion at Sand Springs Lake
This project provided a picnic pavilion in a location once occupied by the bathhouse and swimming beach, which were part of an early-day amusement park enjoyed by citizens of Sand Springs and Tulsa. The pavilion is next to a popular and scenic trail that crosses the Sand Springs Lake dam and parallels the shoreline of the lake. That trail is connected at its eastern terminus to the KATY Trail, which is part of the regional RiverParks trail system. This project was completed in September 2006.
Total estimated Cost $48,500: Vision – 2025 $41,000 City $7,500 Hunter-Knepshield of Texas, Inc.

River City Park Main Entrance Improvements/Signs
This project provided a new entrance sign and landscaping for River City Park (Sand Springs’ largest and most-used park). These improvements serve to introduce the park and enhance its image and appearance for thousands of park visitors and users. This project was completed in October 2006.
Cost of sign and landscaping (Estimated) $10,000 (100% Vision 2025) Aaron Fence Co.

City of Sand Springs/Rotary Centennial Park – Phase 1
This project is located at the site of the original sand springs from which the City’s name was derived. Improvements at this site feature enhancements to the springs and marshy lands created by the ever-flowing spring water. Land for the park, adjoining the popular KATY Trail, was donated to the City by the previous owner. Phased addition of viewing trails and boardwalks will allow public enjoyment of indigenous aquatic plants and animal life within the park area. Interpretive signage provides information about the historical significance of the springs, and signs will be added in later phases to provide information about the animal and plant life that occupy the park. This project was completed in April 2007.
Phase 1 Funding: Vision 2025 Funds $65,000; Rotary Contribution $7,000; Estimated Value of Donated Property for Park Site: $50,000.

River City Park Soccer Field Parking Lot Improvements
This project provided for the purchase of 192 recycled rubber parking blocks, gravel, and landscaping improvements for the soccer field parking lot. The blocks, gravel and landscaping were installed by City employees to improve this facility and enhance the City’s image. This project was completed in November 2006.
Cost to purchase 96 Parking Blocks $2,500 (100% Vision 2025)
City Adding 96 Parking Blocks $2,500 (100% City)
Adding Gravel, Landscaping & Signage $2,700 (100% City)
Project Funding Total $7,700 (33% Vision 2025)

All of the Sand Springs Downtown/Neighborhood projects are complete.

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