The South Entrance

Project Description:

The expansive and multi-level south concourse and main entrance provides inspiration to all who enter. The rich cultural and architectural themes unique to Tulsa, including Native American, art deco, and contemporary styles, come to life in swirling circular elements within the grand lobby. The BOK Center’s main entrance impresses, literally…from floor to ceiling.

The flooring of the concourse is more than 130,000 square feet of terrazzo flooring which has aggregate that contains 70 percent mother of pearl. Embedded within the terrazzo flooring are four 22-foot Native American medallions designed by father-and- son team Bill and Demos Glass of Locust Grove, OK.

The interior follows the motion of the building’s exterior, with grand staircases
that wrap around a portion of the building from the south concourse. Also, following the curvature of the massive concourse is one of the longest ramps in the country. This open and easy way down complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The ceiling of the concourse reaches 103 feet overhead and seems to ‘float’ along the outer circumference of the arena. Suspended from above is the massive cloth-and-steel cloud created by the world-famous sculpter Kendall Buster. The concourse provides a feeling of grand, wind-swept openness, thanks in part to the iconic glass wall. The open vistas from the floors above offer stunning views of the concourse, as well as unique new views of the Downtown Tulsa skyline through the iconic glass wall.