Tulsa County Parks


Summary Update:

All parks projects included in Vision 2025 were developed from citizen requests for improvements and upgrades to existing facilities. Leisure and recreational facilities, programs, and activities are a vital part of a growing community seeking to enrich the lives of its citizens. The $12.7 million allotted provides many park improvements from additional land acquisition around O’Brien Park, to upgrades of lighting, electrical and water systems, to new accessible restrooms, and a new community center for the Jenks/Glenpool area.

We look at all our parks as regional facilities that draw people from all over the county, state and nation. While Tulsa County Parks did not receive funding for every project proposed, we were pleased the Vision 2025 Leadership Committee selected the projects they did.

Recreation and leisure activities are a growing part of our culture, and Tulsa County is the only county in the State of Oklahoma that maintains a park system. Tulsa County Parks and other leisure facilities are enjoying increasing demand from area residents and visitors. With Vision 2025 the goal is to provide and prepare not just for today, but for generations to come.