Sky Theater


Project Description:

The Planetarium features a projection of over 3 million pixels, and was originally one of only three planetariums worldwide to have this advanced technology.

A sample of video programming offered in the new Tulsa Air & Space Museum Theater is available now online. ┬áThe preview titled “Oasis In Space” takes the viewer on a startling and beautiful journey through our Solar System and beyond, in search of water and water worlds like Earth. Incorporating the latest results of astronomical research and exploration, including recent data from robot explorers, “Oasis In Space” offers a new perspective on a substance of obvious importance to our planet.

“Oasis In Space” was the first in a series of full-dome video programs for the “ElectricSky” theaters to be entirely produced using original 3D computer animation. With a proven, audience-tested story, visually immersive imagery and an original surround-sound musical score, “Oasis In Space” will inform, delight and entertain viewers of all ages.

Mario DiMaggio of the Glasgow Science Centre said, “We were impressed with the accurate scientific content and approach to the subject. The theme is simple and strong, with rich educational value.”

Depending on individual connection speeds, expect some delay in the initial loading of the video, running time: 23:30, click here to download “Oasis In Space“.


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