Tulsa Air and Space Museum


Allocation: $2,000,000.00

Summary Update:

The Sky Theater was completed in May 2006. TASM has recently funded the upgrade/replacement of the Theater projection system. The new system is now operational with new shows.  The Contractor submitted this project to the Associated Builders and Contractors (association) for an awards competition and they were notified that it was a winner of an “Excellence in Construction” award.


Vision 2025 funds were provided in majority to build the planetarium, or Sky Theater. Educational and entertainment opportunities are available through the new “ElectricSky” theater (digital planetarium), which features the latest in visual and sound technology for sky and space presentations. Sky Theater is housed in a separate building constructed and owned by Tulsa County, but operated entirely by Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Private contributions have provided 100% of the funding for the design and construction of a museum facility constructed on the grounds of Tulsa International Airport under leasehold arrangements. TASM is creating a first-rate attraction that will accentuate Tulsa’s role in aerospace education and industry. The museum encourages young people to pursue aerospace careers though our educational systems and seek careers in our own $3 billion aviation industry.